Flash Film Works
performed several shots for a series of OnStar Television commercials featuring Batman. We created matte paintings of Gotham City, including adding a 3d Bat signal. We also composited several shots of monitors in the Batcave and out the window of the Batmobile. We even created a 3d animated airbag that saves Batman from certain doom. For the newest Batman spots we also created a 3D tower that explodes and falls over to threaten Batman as he drives along.

We created a digital matte painting of Gotham City to composite behind a live action plate of Batman. We then added in a 3D Bat Signal using volumetrics and an image of the signal created for the Batman movies.

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Here we placed our matte painting of Gotham City and the digital Bat Signal in the background of the location plate shot on the Warner Bros. lot. We also extended the top of some of the buildings.

We created and composited in the Riddler's sky writing, copying the style of writing from the film "Batman Forever." Some of the gargoyles on the sides of the street were also additional elements shot against green screen.

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For this shot we used existing footage from the film "Batman & Robin", color corrected it and removed the cars from that footage and replaced them with the Batmobile footage we shot on the Warner Brothers backlot.


We replaced the Warner Bros. backlot buildings on the right with 3D buildings that made it appear as though the Batmobile is driving across a bridge.

For this shot, the helicopter was added in 3D as was the grapling hook cable.

This was filmed with a green screen outside of the window, we composited in a background plate of the buildings, which was shot separately.

The Penguin and his helicopter were shot against a green screen and composited into plates of the Gotham City buildings.

The Sequence below shows the climax of the "Hot Date" spot as the zooming Batmobile is cut off by an exploding tower. The Tower and assorted debris were created in Lightwave and composited into the shots.




Minor Setbacks
Joker Face
Hot Date (Penguin)
Riddle Me This



All Images Courtesy of  Warner Bros. Studios and Onstar